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internationales Gastspiel außer Konkurrenz

Dramaturgie: Cetin Sarikartal
Puppendesign: Sehsuvar Aktas
Erzähler/Puppenspieler: Sehsuvar Aktas, Ayse Selen

Alter: ab 6 Jahren
Dauer: 45 Minuten
Termin: 17. Mai 2014, 16 Uhr
18. Mai 2014, 12 Uhr

Spielort: Box

The master writes and tells tales for children. Today, he is planning to tell a story about Don Quijote, but then he is carried away by his imagination and he asks himself: What kind of fairy tale would a child tell? And how would it like to tell it? Does a child know all that? Suddenly, a child appears that can answer all his questions ...