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transports execptionnels - pas de deux mit einem bagger
internationales Gastspiel außer Konkurrenz   

Konzept: Dominique Boivin
Assistenz: Christiné Erbe
Performer: Phlippe Priasso und William Defresne
Dauer: ca. 20 Minuten
Termin: 10. Mai 2014, 15 Uhr
12. Mai 2014, 17 Uhr
Spielort: Willy-Brandt-Platz
Eintritt frei

A pas de deux usually is a duet between a male and a female dancer. In Boivin´s choreography a man and an excavator dance together. It´s like a childhood phantasy. Music and the sound of the engine accompany the energetic interplay of the fragile human being and the enormously powerful machine, the grace of the dancer and the almost gigantic (in)flexibility of the excavator. - Surprising, funny and incredibly poetic.

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