tiyatro BeReZe

too cold
(internationales Gastspiel außer Konkurrenz)

Regie: Torklid Lindebjerg
Konzept und Spiel: Erkan Uyaniksoy, Elif Temucin
Choreographie: Päivi Raninen
Lichtdesign: Utku Kara
Technik: Simge Günsan

Alter: ab 6 Jahren
Dauer: 40 Minuten
Termin: 18. Mai 2014, 16 Uhr

Spielort: Grillo-Theater

The weather is too cold. How then are a street musician and a pavement artist supposed to work? Unfortunately, they are completely broke and have to do something about it. They discover a mysterious place on the noisy, bleak and boring street. But... is this place too small for the two of them?